Thursday 10 April 2014

Get your game face on

This just in, from St. Pierre:

It's a White-eyed Vireo!! Seen yesterday... :S

The real excitement though is Fridays winds! It's a perfect long-reaching wind straight from SE USA to Newfoundland, the winds even bypass Nova Scotia and St. Pierre at night and essentially point straight to the Southern Avalon!!

Speculation at best, but I would be surprised if an egret at minimum isn't found this weekend. At the very least we can expect more Fox Sparrows, Ring-billed Gulls, Robins, the first Harriers?, Barn Swallow is also possible! Lots of potential here...

Noon on Friday:

Friday at sunset:

Saturday at sunrise:

Click on the pictures so you can actually see them ;)

Expect to hear these guys everywhere in the woods this weekend... finally!

Don't expect this, but be ready to recognize it!!