Saturday 26 April 2014

April 26 is a Certified Birding Holiday

April 26 is a magical day in Newfoundland for birders. It is the day that european vagrants often start showing up on our shores. And today was no exception!!

We Newfoundland birders dream a lot. And looking at the wind maps over the last few days we were doing a lot of day-dreaming earlier this week.
But we didn't expect it to start this soon and so strongly!!

2 Black-tailed Godwits reported from Renews last night kicked things off and sent birders scrambling to rearrange weekend plans.

Photos speak for themselves:

The best part is that the winds are only supposed to improve throughout the next 48+ hours. Expect more golden plovers, and more european vagrants! This is only the start!

Video (click on the youtube link at the bottom right of the screen thingy for better times):

This is what we'd usually be looking at in April in Newfoundland:

I saw my first Red-winged Blackbird for the year today! And it could very well be my last...

... nowhere else in North American would this be possible (seeing fewer RWBLs than eurasian shorebirds), except Alaska...

CLASSIC plover weather - fog is the vanguard of more things to come: