Friday 16 November 2012

Snyder's Flats - Waterloo

Every friday I volunteer at a location on the other side of Waterloo close to the Grand River. So it has become a bit of a weekly tradition to make a short 3km detour to Snyder's Flats on those days.

Every time I go I seem to find a new county year bird and the area has helped me get some tardy ticks like an Orange-crowned Warbler in late October.

Today I had a full 3 hours to bird the area - with frequent interruptions from the dogs ;)

The day started out cold:

...but was quick to warm up.

The highlight of the morning, no doubt, were 2 Pine Grosbeaks that were calling back and forth and allowed a close study for a good ten minutes:

Here's a short clip of the Grosbeak - listen for the other one calling in the background:

The other day there were 2 Dunlin at Laurel Creek - probably the last shorebirds I'll see this year?

And a Merlin was at Columbia Lake this week as well - I've been seeing a bunch of Merlins lately: