Saturday 13 August 2011


A great way to start day 1 in Newfoundland - a Shearwater feeding frenzy very close to shore and very close to home! And to top it off I put on my snorkeling gear and joined the Shearwaters - they were practically feeding out of my hands, that's how close they were! My attention for the Shearwaters was quickly lost when I noticed a Humpback whale swimming straight for me it eventually surfaced no more than 5 meters away from me allowing me to really see the size of the animal. I've often dreamt of swimming with whales - today was my day!

I'll just post the Shearwater photos for now - need some sleep before another day of doing the exact same thing at the exact same spot tomorrow!

Just to give an idea of the view:

Sooty Shearwaters:

Greater Shearwaters: