Sunday 13 March 2011

Waterloo birding

Yesterday I found myself in Waterloo visiting some friends. In the morning I ventured out of the city in pursuit of a Varied Thrush that has been there since December.

In December I got a message from Ken Burrell asking if I was in Waterloo still. He had found the Varied Thrush just as I was leaving the city to return to Newfoundland. I was quite disappointed. But all is good in the end because it abided yesterday! And I can't really complain about going back home to Black-tailed, Yellow-legged, Common & Slaty-backed Gulls, not to mention all the other goodies!

When I arrived at the Ewert's property (that's where the Thrush has been coming to feeders) Elmer Ewert was restocking his feeders and laying some out on the ground. He welcomed me and gave me a seat to sit on and told me where I should sit to get a perfect angle for viewing once the bird came. He returned to his house and a few minutes later I heard a window open behind me. I turned around to find an outstretched hand full of fruit and cookies! What a great place to be out birding!

While I munched away some American Tree Sparrows were perching themselves nicely for some photos:

Soon enough the Thrush appeared in a tree nearby to survey the surroundings and ensure it was a safe time to eat. It came to the ground and joined the other birds in a feast of seeds.

Birding doesn't get any better with free food, great birds and generous hosts.

A big thanks to Ewert for his generosity!

After enjoying great looks at the Thrush Ewert suggested that I explore his backyard. His dog joined me in a little adventure and it had great fun chasing away a flock of Wild Turkeys.

A very foxy dog (if I may say so myself):

Soon enough I was on my way back towards the city. Some highlights during my return were Common Grackles, a Killdeer, Turkey Vultures and Horned Larks.