Saturday 4 June 2016

The Twillicks 2016 Birdathon - Species List

Between 17:30 on Friday May 27th, and 17:30 on Saturday May 28th, Catherine Barrett and I observed (includes seen & heard only) 95 species of bird on the Avalon peninsula.

Check out a summary of our day:
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Part II

Last year, we beat the previous record with 92 species in a 24 hour period. This year we outmatched ourselves with 3 extra species, despite having comparably fewer rarities, and much worse weather conditions. I never thought it would be possible, but 100 species in 24 hours on the Avalon in late May is definitely a possibility and I am already scheming how we can pull it off next year!

So far we've raised ~$1500 with some pledges yet to be collected!
EDIT: $1787 as of 24 Aug, 2016

Species list in taxonomic order with first location observed in the right-side column.
Bolded species are notable, and will include a link to bring you to the corresponding eBird list and extra details.

Canada GooseGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
American WigeonSt. John's--Quidi Vidi Lake
American Black DuckGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
MallardGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
Northern ShovelerSt. John's--Lundrigan's Marsh
Northern PintailGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
Green-winged TealSt. John's--Lundrigan's Marsh
Ring-necked DuckNL--Hwy 10--Grassy Ponds
Greater ScaupSt. John's--Kenny's Pond
King EiderNL--St. Shott's
Common EiderNL--St. Shott's
Surf ScoterNL--Cape Race
White-winged ScoterNL--Cape Race
Black ScoterNL--St. Shott's
Long-tailed DuckNL--Long Beach
Ruffed GrouseNL--La Manche PP
Willow PtarmiganNL--Cape Race
Common LoonNL--La Manche PP
Northern FulmarNL--St. Michael's
Northern GannetNL--Bear Cove
Double-crested CormorantNL--Cape Broyle
Great CormorantNL--Bear Cove
American BitternSt. John's--Lundrigan's Marsh
OspreyGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
Northern HarrierNL--Highway btw PCS and Chance Cove PP
Bald EagleNL--Renews--beach & bay
SoraSt. John's--Lundrigan's Marsh
American CootSt. John's--Lundrigan's Marsh
Black-bellied PloverNL--Renews--beach & bay
European Golden-PloverNL--Biscay Bay
Spotted SandpiperNL--La Manche PP
Greater YellowlegsNL--Cape Broyle
WilletNL--Renews--beach & bay
Wilson's SnipeGoulds--Murphy's Pond area
DovekieNL--St. Shott's
Common MurreNL--Cape Race
RazorbillNL--Cape Pine
Black GuillemotNL--Ferryland
Atlantic PuffinNL--St. Michael's
Black-legged KittiwakeNL--St. Michael's
Ring-billed GullNL--Cape Broyle
Herring GullSt. John's--Lundrigan's Marsh
Iceland GullNL--Portugal Cove South
Great Black-backed GullSt. John's--Lundrigan's Marsh
Common TernGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
Arctic TernNL--Aquaforte
Rock PigeonGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
Mourning DoveGoulds--Second Pond & Donovans Rd. area
Great Horned OwlNL--Hwy 10--Grassy Ponds
Short-eared OwlNL--Cape Race
Belted KingfisherNL--La Manche PP
Downy woodpeckerNL--La Manche PP
Hairy WoodpeckerNL--La Manche PP
Black-backed WoodpeckerNL--La Manche PP--btw campground & cabin road
Northern FlickerGoulds--Murphy's Pond area
American KestrelNL--St. Shott's
MerlinNL--Cape Broyle
Gray JayGoulds--Murphy's Pond area
Blue JayGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
American CrowGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
Common RavenSt. John's--Lundrigan's Marsh
Horned LarkNL--Cape Race Rd.--btw the Drook & Long Beach
Tree SwallowGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
Bank SwallowGoulds--Dairy farm
Black-capped ChickadeeNL--Hwy 10--Grassy Ponds
Boreal ChickadeeNL--Hwy 10--Grassy Ponds
Red-breasted NuthatchNL--La Manche PP--btw campground & cabin road
Brown CreeperNL--La Manche PP
Golden-crowned KingletNL--Hwy 10--Grassy Ponds
Ruby-crowned KingletGoulds--Murphy's Pond area
Hermit ThrushGoulds--Murphy's Pond area
American RobinGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
European StarlingGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
American PipitNL--St. Shott's
Northern WaterthrushGoulds--Murphy's Pond area
Black-and-white WarblerGoulds--Murphy's Pond area
American RedstartNL--La Manche PP
Yellow WarblerGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
Blackpoll WarblerGoulds--Murphy's Pond area
Yellow-rumped WarblerGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
Black-throated Green WarblerNL--La Manche PP
Wilson's WarblerGoulds--Murphy's Pond area
Fox SparrowGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
Dark-eyed JuncoGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
White-throated SparrowGoulds--Murphy's Pond area
Savannah SparrowGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
Song SparrowGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
Swamp SparrowGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
Common GrackleNL--Renews (townsite)
Purple FinchGoulds--Murphy's Pond area
Red CrossbillNL--Renews (townsite)
White-winged CrossbillGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
Pine SiskinNL--La Manche PP
American GoldfinchGoulds--Third Pond ("Horsetrack pond")
House SparrowNL--Portugal Cove South