Sunday 27 December 2015

St. John's Christmas Bird Count Results

The St. John's CBC was held yesterday, December 26th for the 50th straight year.
A total of 78 species have been reported which is above the 10 year average of 72 species. However, only 19500 individual birds were recorded, down from our 10 year average of 25000 - likely reflecting the fact that there are many birds in the woods eating the abundant cone and berry crop of 2015.

Highlights were a Northern Mockingbird, and 5 species of warbler including this Yellow-breasted Chat:

Finches were well represented with 7 species, including our highest ever count of Am. Goldfinch (543).

42 Red Crossbills were reported, our 5th highest count ever. Presumably they are from the "Newfoundland" sub-species.

Song Sparrows continue to adapt to life on the Avalon with our highest yet count of 24 individuals. It was only 25 years ago that they became a regular species on this count!

Thanks to the 35+ people who took part in this years count!