Saturday 28 November 2015

Update from Port-aux-Basques

Time has been flying by here in the Southwest of Newfoundland. I only have 2 weeks left before heading back to the Avalon for the next 9 months.
My birding time has been entirely limited to weekends, but I've still managed to find time to see and photograph some fun birds in the area:

One of my favourite species - the Harlequin Duck. I was excited to finally have the chance to photograph a full adult male that was unaware of my presence while it was diving and feeding on crustaceans:

A nearby Purple Sandpiper was my first for the area. This juvenile watched my closely as I approached it in hopes of photographing it:

The only warbler I've seen this month... I find it hard to believe that there aren't any in this area, while St. John's alone has had 7+ species in the last couple weeks!

Finches continue to be a mainstay in the area. Pine Grosbeaks, as usual, are seen in small flocks throughout the area - never in large flocks.

Whereas flocks of White-winged Crossbills seem to be everywhere nowadays. A had a single flock of over 200 today!

One of the obvious highlights was was adult male Summer Tanager found near Port-aux-Basques a couple weeks ago. It continues to be seen every day feeding on dogberries and sunflower seeds:

Thank you to the homeowners for sharing this great find!

A late Greater Yellowlegs near my home was a nice surprise on my way home from work the other day:

Stunning sunsets over the ocean are an almost daily fixture in this area. Something we don't get on the Avalon!

Still no snow in this area. I'm cautiously hopeful for a snowstorm as that might drive birds out of the woods closer to where I am.