Thursday 29 October 2015

An Interesting Weekend Ahead?

Right now there's strong Southerly winds in Newfoundland originating from the Eastern US. These are the winds that bring exciting warblers to our alders in September.

What birds are migrating now that I should be considering?
Nelson's Sparrow, Field Sparrow, Vesper Sparrow, Eastern Towhee all come to mind. Rails are always a default group of birds I think about at this time of year. There should be an egret or two found somewhere on the island over the next week.

By Saturday, the winds will be quite strong out of the WSW. 70+km/h according to the current forecasts. This will be good for a seawatch from Cape Ray, near Port-aux-Basques on the SW corner of the island.

Alcid migration is in full swing at this time of year. I'll be surprised if I don't see a good smattering of them on Saturday morning.

By Sunday the winds will be calm in my area of Newfoundland allowing me to focus on searching for flycatchers :p

Should be lots of new birds for my eBird "county" lists this weekend!
And who knows, those Westerly winds on Saturday might convince a hawk or two to fly over the St. Lawrence...