Monday 24 August 2015

Some last photos from Texel

A collection of some of the images that never made it on my previous 3 blog posts. I took these while on Texel island, Holland earlier this month.

Somebody is watching:

Lots of gulls trolled the ferry as it made its crossing looking for handouts. They were very tame, coming within centimetres of the passengers!

Eurasian Kestrel - will Newfoundland get one in my life time?

An adult Eurasian Osytercatcher, with 2 younger ones:

Common Redshank:

Common Ringed Plover - even though it's in juvenile plumage the facial mask of these birds is noticeably different in the field and does pop out for me after closely studying so so many Semipalmated Plovers. Hopefully that image will appear in my view within the next few weeks...