Friday 20 March 2015

First Day of Spring

Arrived at Cape Spear this morning for a morning vigil with sir Ed. Ended up spending 3 glorious hours watching the sea and the sky.

Sunrise started with a spectacular view of the solar eclipse:
This photo doesn't do it justice.
Was great to be one of very few in North America to see this natural event!

Then even fewer got to see the real drama:
To our surprise, flock after flock of Common Eider flew very close by the cape until finally one small flock decided to land directly off the cape which was enough to attract over 2000 in close to the point. Among the thousands of eiders there were 8+ King Eiders!

A line of eiders drawn across the sea:

Can you find Waldo, the King Eider (answer below):

They were so close you could watch them swimming under water:

Can you find Wanda, the Queen Eider (answer below):

 Adult male King Eider:

 Adult female King Eider:

A beauty day to start the Spring of 2015!