Saturday 3 January 2015

2015 Goals

A review of my 2014 goals reveals that I managed to reach 12 of my 13 goals. Only missed Slaty-backed Gull... That's OK, gotta save some fun for another year ;)


Here are some goals for 2015 - keeping in mind that I will have A LOT less time to bird this year (especially in the Autumn :S).

My major goal of the year is to focus my time on less developed/explored areas (i.e. Bay Bulls to Ferryland, & Cape St. Francis, Point Lance and other areas).
In fact the first two days of birding this year involved a trip to less explored areas of the avalon, and the Bonavista Peninsula!

Submit 1300 eBird lists in Newfoundland - submitted over 1800 in 2014, so this should be attainable.

Add 15 species to my Newfoundland life list (or 20 if I make it to the West coast in the Spring/Summer) - currently at 251

Add 15 species to my Newfoundland self-found list - currently sitting at 217 or something...

See 200 species on the island - managed to get 220 in 2014, but with the lack of time in 2015 it may be more difficult than I hope...

Reach 8000km biked - currently have logged 6549km .... or something like that

Target Birds (these are self-find targets):

A shorebird I still need for my NL list (ex: Ruff, Stilt Sandpiper.... Western Sandpiper)
A rare heron (rarer than Great Blue or Great Egret)
Add a warbler to my self-found list
A rare sparrow that I still need for my NL list (ex: Towhee, Field, Grasshopper.... etc.)

And.... if you find one of these 5 species this year on the island and I get to see it, I will personally buy you a large bottle of liquor:

Eurasian Curlew
Purple Gallinule - the search for this species begins on Monday!
Connecticut Warbler
American Woodcock displaying on the Avalon!

Good luck for a great year!
What are you hoping to see this year?