Saturday 6 December 2014

Map Your eBird Locations!

A couple years ago the dude at Birdventure outlined a way to create a map of all the places you've gone eBirding! It was pretty easy, but unfortunately the website he was using is now dysfunctional. So here's an updated procedure based on his original posting:

But first, here's my map:



----------------------------------- Instructions ---------------------------------

Step 1: Download your data
          - Go here, and click "submit"
          - Wait for the email and download the spreadsheet

Step 2: Prepare your data
          - Remove duplicates within the "Location Name" column. You can find "Remove Duplicates"
            under the data tab (not from the list at the top, but from the tab just above the data in your
            spreadsheet). This gets you down to only your unique checklists
          - Delete all columns except "Latitude", and "Longitude"
          - You may want to come back to this step to make your final map a little more fancy (for now, 
            these instructions give you the most basic map as I have shown above)

Step 3: Upload your file to Zeemaps
          - Go to and click on "Create a Free Map" - you'll see a blank map
          - Under the "Additions" tab, click on "Add (upload) Multiple Markers" and click on "upload 
          - To edit the settings of your map, click on the "Map" tab at the top left, then click on 
            "Settings" (one setting I changed was under the "Markers Display" option.

Once you're done make sure to comment below and include a link to your map!


It continues to be a great fall for finches on the Avalon - Evening Grosbeaks and both crossbill species are showing up all over, and Pine Grosbeaks are seeking out the few remaining dogberries in town: