Friday 20 June 2014

Newfoundland eBird

eBird use has been growing by leaps and bounds in Newfoundland over the last year. I'm a little (*very*) obsessed with eBird so I may be the only person who will ever be interested in this?

In previous years less than 5 of the local birders used eBird regularly, but this year after completing some missionary work we have at least 12 locals using it on a regular basis!

Some milestones we've reached:

- For the first time in Newfoundland eBirding history over 1000 checklists have been submitted from the avalon peninsula in one month (that was in May)!

- Another big milestone we already reached this year is to have 10 people submit over 100 checklists (previous record was 4), and 8 people with over 100 species submitted (previous record was 7). And we're only at the half way point!

- Anyway, the real reason this should be exciting is because more data is being contributed to the database and is publicly available. Check out these maps for Northern Waterthrush and Yellow-bellied Flycatcher sightings - blue is from 2013, orange is from 2014.

Northern Waterthrush:

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher:

Big differences in those 2 years!

Some photos from this morning at Cape St. Francis:

Wouldn't be a cape in Newfoundland if there weren't pipits: