Monday 31 March 2014

Dat wind

Anyone else on the Avalon notice the winds that are forecasted over the next couple days?

There's 48+ hours of non-stop wind coming from the North straight into conception bay.
Holyrood might be the place to be tomorrow! Wednesday will probably be even better especially considering that you might be able to see something once this insane snow storm clears!!

Current winds:

Time +24 hours

Time +48 hours

Ivory Gull, Jaegers, Northern Fulmar, Storm-petrels, and Skuas are all possible in an exponentially decreasing liklihood!
That being said, it's getting quite late for an Ivory Gull! :S

Black-legged Kittiwakes, should be in the bay in big numbers!

Adult Iceland Gulls might return too - did you notice that they disappeared over the last couple weeks!?

Check out the marine wind forecasts here:

Tonight & Tuesday: "Northeast 20 increasing to 30 knots"
Wednesday: "Northeast 35 to 45"

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