Monday, 6 January 2014

2014 Birding Goals

I'm really only making this a blog post so that I have it permanently written down somewhere. Don't even bother reading this!

But if you do read you'll find that everything here is very eBird and Newfoundland orientated ;)

Become the top eBirder for the Cape Spear hotspot for both species and checklists (currently at 65)
Become the top eBirder for the Quidi Vidi hotspot for species (currently at 54 species)

Submit 1500 checklists in Newfoundland this year - an average of 125 a month, or 4.1 per day... yikes

See 200 species in NL this year - not off to a great start with this frigid winter

Bring my NL life list up to 240...
Self find 170 species in NL this year.

Bike 2000km... I did it in 2012 and 2013, so no excuses not to do it again this year.

Find a bird that has less than 5 previous records on the island... or multiple of them :p

Target birds:
European Golden-Plover... weather dependent
Slaty-backed Gull... wtf, why haven't I seen one yet
A rare autumn migrant shorebird (Curlew Sandpiper or better please!)
A rare autumn warbler (Golden-winged Warbler or better)

What are you hoping to see this year?


  1. 200 NL lifers and tick the LALO!

  2. It's a great idea to set some specific goals like that ... maybe I should do the same. I guess I could make a formal challenge with you in regards to the Quidi Vidi hotspot goal, but I'm not able to get out there as often as I used to ;)

    My simple goals are to use eBird more regularly, and to add at least 5 species to my NL life list. I'm totally fine with you finding a couple of those for me ;)


  3. I'll get to work Jared!

    Lancy, you'll get LALO soon enough, you should set some more ambitious targets :-)

  4. Newfoundland birders are so ambitious! I'm on southern Vancouver Island and my long-running goals - so not just for 2014 but it would be great to achieve one of them this year - are:

    1. 300 species in the Victoria checklist area - I'm currently at 290 and have a few annual rarities that I need to connect with, including Say's Phoebe, Dusky Flycatcher, and Clay-coloured Sparrow, and Grey Jay which is a hard-to-find bird that annually wanders down from higher elevations

    2. Add some self-found Victoria birds - I currently have 251 and I must say adding to this list is the most satisying! There are some that shouldn't be exceedingly hard, but rare birds are hard to find here!

    3. 400 birds in BC - I'm currently at 379 and that includes two species I added this year from a twitch up to the north end of Vancouver Island for Hooded Oriole and Dickcissel. I really need to get out on another pelagic and finally see a Laysan Albatross and maybe pull in something extra like a Flesh-footed Shearwater.

    4. Get back in eBirding mode - I was good for about half of last year and I have been a little lazy about it for the last while.

    5. Work on my eBird patch list - I call Saanichton Spit my patch because it is my favourite local birding spot.

    Good luck over there with your goals! Maybe I'll find myself back out east and can drum up something to help you along the way!