Tuesday 15 October 2013

Weather Forecast

There's going to be some winds lining up from Britain & Iceland almost straight to Newfoundland. This is Wednesdays forecast:

This could very well turn up something awesome. In mid-October the focus seems to be on new-world vagrants, but there are birds migrating away from Iceland now so there's no reason why they can't get caught up in these winds and end up here. Here's a run down of some potentials:

Barnacle Goose: peak migration for this species is mid-late October in Iceland... bring 'em on

Pink-Footed Goose: everyone saw the one last winter, but we need to make the mainlanders jealous.

Graylag Goose: one of these years there'll be a chase-able bird!

eBird Bar chart for the important geese in Iceland:

Common Scoter: Black Scoters are uncommon enough to be exciting themselves, Common Scoter would make me vomit.

Gray Heron: Migrate TO Iceland in early/mid October. There are 2 previous October records for NL!!

Corn Crake: Bit of a long shot here. (1 recent Nov record)

European Golden-Plover: There is a Nov record and 1 Oct record in Maine, I have a feeling that golden-plovers in the fall are all too often considered American, without a second glance.

Common-ringed Plover: latest record for NL was in late September. But if they're in Iceland in October, why can't they be here?

Black-tailed Godwit & Bar-tailed Godwit: (1 Oct record)

Northern Lapwing: an early one perhaps?

Northern Wheatear: How many times will I mention these?

Willow Warbler & Blackcap: Really getting wishful here :p

Anyway, I have an exam next week so will unfortunately have limited time to search. But I'll put a bit of time in at a few key spots near town!