Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Bird Quiz

I saw this bird this past weekend.

Any ideas? Post a comment and make a guess as to what it is and where I went!

This photo isn't mine, but I do have plenty of mine to come!

Photo from here (the link will tell you what species it is - so don't click it until you've guessed!)


  1. You got me; I thought it was CCSP.

    I'm guessing you were in Banff/Jasper?

    So does this mean you are a Timberline "believer"?

  2. They are similar!
    Good guess on the location!

    I'm neither believer nor non-believer. Differentiating species is very difficult simply because it is very subjective and there are no clear cut definitions.
    I just let the powers make the decisions and follow their lead :)