Friday, 15 June 2012

Breeding birds

A short visit to RIM park in Waterloo this evening revealed several breeding species. Including a pair of Orchard Orioles feeding young (rather uncommon breeder for the region), Eastern Kingbirds feeding their young, an Eastern Wood-pewee building a nest, a Rose-breasted Grosbeak feeding its baby... and the list goes on.

First off, some more photos of the Green Heron from last weekend:

Cedar Waxwing from today:

Eastern Kingbird wondering if I'm a threat to its young:


  1. Beautiful shots of the Green Heron! I just saw my first (3 in fact) green herons this morning. Your pictures are much closer and even show the greenish tinge for their name's sake which I had wondered about. My brother and I spent a few hours trying to get close to these very skittish birds, so your encounter of it landing near by was great for you!