Monday 6 June 2016

Tropical Storm Colin

The official Atlantic Hurricane Season started 6 days ago, but that doesn't mean these things obey the rules! The first storm of the season was in January (the first such storm in January since 1978) and then the second one formed in late May. Yesterday, a tropical depression in the Gulf of Mexico intensified into an official tropical storm: Colin. This is the 3rd named storm of the calendar year marking the earliest formation on record of the third named storm within the Atlantic Basin [Wiki].

Current forecasts put the eye of the storm just Southeast of Cape Race, Newfoundland at midnight on Wednesday night - 48 hours from now!

Although this storm won't develop into a full blown Hurricane, it is following a very interesting trajectory - crossing over Northern Florida and returning to the sea near North Carolina before heading in our direction. Over the next 24-48 hours we will have a better idea of the exact trajectory, but right now the eye is forecasted to just graze the Southeastern tip of the Avalon. From my experience, updated forecasts seem to place the storm further to the East, maybe this time it will shift the other way ;)

Current forecast:

Variation on predicted trajectory:

Forecasted wind map for midnight on Wednesday night:

The dream:

The reality?