Friday 7 August 2015

Texel - Lighthouse birding

The Northwest corner of the island is a popular spot for birders to visit during the mornings because this is often the first landing point for migrating birds. I birded the area for two days where I observed many migrant pipits but not many other migrant species.

European Stonechats were common in this area - but probably weren't migrants.

It was a great opportunity to study Meadow Pipits - a species that many of us are hoping to some day see in Newfoundland...

A few Northern Wheatears were in the area:

In one of the afternoons I visited Slufter - an estuary known for shorebirds/waders among other species. I didn't see any new species in this area - but the location was beautiful with a layer of purple flowers - sea lavender?

A Herring Gull enjoying a crab:

Most Black-headed Gulls had only half of their black hood remaining - but there were a few still sporting the smart looking >brown< head.

Whimbrels were, as usual, timid - but a few dared to walk in my direction as I sat patiently on the beach:

Common Redshanks were very common on the island - but I only saw a few Spotted Redshanks. This is one of the Common Redshanks - I was surprised how similar they are in structure to Green & Wood Sandpipers.