Sunday 12 August 2012

Columbia Lake gettin' crazyyy

Check out this big fish from Columbia Lake:

...nah, it's actually in Newfoundland. I've been back here for a few days and have been enjoying plenty of time watching the sea. 3 species of shearwater seem to be regular + the usual puffins, and Common Murres. Had 1 Pomarine Jaeger so far.

I'm crossing my fingers for a Cory's Shearwater... they're listed as "very uncommon" on the Newfoundland checklist, but as far as I know there hasn't been one for several years now...
You just never know what can show up around here...maybe even a Yellow-nosed Albatross, or a wagtail flying overhead :p

A small mixed flock of shorebirds at Cape Spear yesterday helped bring my Newfoundland year list to 49...