Saturday 7 July 2012

Alberta Day 1

I have a week of insanity coming up (i.e. lots of school work). Instead of whining about that, I'll bombard you with pictures from last weekend in Alberta.

The prairies are supposedly the "duck factory" of North America - I never realized that there was so much water there!
Common Goldeneye chicks were numerous:

Am. Wigeons were also rather common:

This is one of the marshes where, although you can't see any, there were plenty of waterfowl!

Eared Grebes were common as well:

Lincoln's Sparrow in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains:

Ring-necked Duck:

Ring-necked Duck egg factory:

Ring-necked Duck - female:

Maxwell Lake (where the Ring-necked Ducks were):

Camping on the side of the road, as usual: