Monday 18 June 2012

More Locals + video!

In between studying I've been out searching for Waterloos local birds.

I've tallied 368km on my bike between June 1 and today - an average of over 20km a day!
It's a great way of guilt-free chasing. I find that when I drive several kilometers to see a bird I feel a bit of guilt and sometimes I'm reluctant to go on the chase. But that's not the case with my bike! I'm aggressively chasing everything now :p

And chase I did when I got an email from eBird telling me that someone found a Clay-colored Sparrow only 15km away!

Here's a video with the Clay-colored Sparrow at the end:

And here are some photos of other birds:


Northern Rough-winged Swallow:

Indigo Bunting singing in the rain:

The Clay-colored Sparrow was rather easy to find since it was continuously singing:

Great Blue Heron: