Wednesday 1 February 2012

Back to my Patch

All this traveling around has made me have a strong desire to have a local patch where I can know the 'individual' birds and by knowing the locals intimately I can better monitor migration...

I've been to the grassland area near my university campus already a few times and every time I see new birds. Today was no different. It continues to impress and it is also drawing in more local birders who tend to be seeing more than I am so I will be returning more and more often! So I'm going to adopt the area as my patch for the next 3 months.

As mentioned before Zitting Cisticolas are common in the field. The rounded tail is very easy to see when the bird is in flight making it an easy identification:

Blue-tailed Bee-eaters are common:

3 Wood Sandpipers were an unexpected surprise today:

Usually the sunset is rather anti-climatic but today it was a little better:

With the help of a couple local birders I saw a Barred Buttonquail and a Pintail Snipe. After they left I continued meandering around the field in some areas I hadn't explored before (the field is bigger than one might think). I flushed 2 Watercocks and 8 more Snipes of which 7 were Pintail and 1 was Common.

Afterwards I enjoyed a feast of Thosai Masala across the street. An indian dish sort of like a crepe:

...but with potatoes and the 'bread' becomes more crispy:

I think it will become a routine: bird the grassland followed by one of these: